Leverage VR to Create Real Impact in Your Organization

Immersive, expansive and totally customizable, VR enables experiences at a visceral level that create powerful empathetic connections to your brand


Product Marketing & Education

Showcase the benefits of your product through an immersive VR experience that creates an immediate and meaningful connection with your audience.


TRAINING & EMPATHY                 

Revolutionize employee training with VR experiences that strengthen information retention and empathy.


Marketing Research & Insights

Dive deeper into customer understanding with complete control over experiential variables and previously unavailable insight into non-concious cues and emotions.

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About appliedVR

Extraordinary vision. Profound impact.

At appliedVR, each experience we create is informed by 40 years of academic research and our expertise in cognitive, behavioral, and social science. Born out of LRW, a top-25 global marketing research firm, we help brands (including many Fortune 500 companies) profoundly transform consumer and organizational behavior through amazing VR experiences that are built on a deep understanding of underlying needs and motivations.