AppliedVR Completes Pivotal Trial Finding Virtual Reality is a Holistic Treatment for Chronic Pain

February 24, 2021

Virtual, placebo-controlled study indicates AppliedVR’s EaseVRx platform creates high engagement; produces “clinically meaningful” impact on five key pain indicators LOS ANGELES, February 24, 2021 -- AppliedVR, a pioneer advancing the next generation of digital medicine, today announced results from its…

Patient Stories: How virtual reality is helping me live better with pain – @LALupusLady

July 29, 2020

Amanda Greene (aka @LALupusLady) is a vocal representative of the Lupus community as the "Face of Lupus" for the International Pain Foundation. Amanda shares her experience using new digital tools to help her manage her health.     

First Scientific Study Using Virtual Reality to Treat Chronic Pain at Home Finds AppliedVR Platform Feasible, Scalable and Effective

July 09, 2020

Researchers report self-administered, VR-based therapy delivered promising results on multiple chronic pain outcomes, paving way for larger trials LOS ANGELES, July 9, 2020 -- AppliedVR, a pioneer advancing the next generation of digital medicine, today announced results from the first…

Self-Administered Skills-Based Virtual Reality Intervention for Chronic Pain: Randomized Controlled Pilot Study

July 09, 2020

ABSTRACT Background Patients with chronic pain often have limited access to comprehensive care that includes behavioral pain management strategies. Virtual reality (VR) is an immersive technology and emerging digital behavioral pain therapy with analgesic efficacy for acute pain. We found…

Forbes.com: Virtual Reality Emerging As Effective Pain Management Tool

May 26, 2020

As doctors work to decrease opioid prescriptions for pain, they may start following the lead of a California hospital that is effectively using virtual reality to help its patients feel better. Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach is one of the…

Transforming Reality: Using Virtual Reality to Treat Patients with Cancer

May 05, 2020

Given the choice of being on a beach or in an oncology ward, most people would choose the beach. So, if there was a technology that allowed you to take a mini-vacation while you waited for your appointment or received…

Veterans to See Continued Innovation Improvements in 2020

February 06, 2020

Veterans will continue to see improvements in VA services, VA Secretary Robert Wilkie said at "State of the VA" speech Feb. 5 at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. These improvements for Veterans include increased innovation—including the VA's first…

Navigating Payer and Reimbursement Pathways to Scale Digital Therapeutics

January 15, 2020

I had the honor of participating in the Digimed Showcase held yesterday as part of the annual JP Morgan healthcare conference. Alongside me were veterans of the emerging digital therapeutics industry including Pierre Leurent, CEO and Founder, Voluntis and Jeff…

Patient Stories: How a Musician Used Virtual Reality To Get His Life Back

October 02, 2019

Harmon C. was diagnosed with Crohn's and after numerous surgeries and 165 days in one year in the hospital was in a dark place. VR gave him back hope and led him back to music.

Cheddar: How VR can be used as a treatment for pain management

September 19, 2019

Listen to our own Matthew Stoudt, CEO, talk with Dr. Brennan Spiegel, Director of Health Research at Cedars-Sinai about the benefits of bringing virtual reality into hospitals. Visit Original Video Source here. Disclaimer: AppliedVR products are not standalone therapies. The…