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Patient Stories: How virtual reality is helping me live better with pain – @LALupusLady

July 29, 2020

Amanda Greene (aka @LALupusLady) is a vocal representative of the Lupus community as the "Face of Lupus" for the International Pain Foundation. Amanda shares her experience using new digital tools to help her manage her health.     

Patient Stories: How a Musician Used Virtual Reality To Get His Life Back

October 02, 2019

Harmon C. was diagnosed with Crohn's and after numerous surgeries and 165 days in one year in the hospital was in a dark place. VR gave him back hope and led him back to music.

Patient Stories: How a teacher is using virtual reality to live better with chronic pain

August 28, 2019

Bob Jester is an exceptional human being and a staple in his community in Long Island, NY. After a tragic accident, Bob's life changed. This is his story.     

Patient Stories: How Virtual Reality Helped a Cerebral Palsy Patient at NYU Langone

September 06, 2018

After surgery at NYU Langone Health, Jason was unable to bend his legs. After exhausting all other options, his care team introduced VR and his body finally relaxed. He was able to go home, where Jason continued to use VR…

Patient Stories: Helping a chronic pain patient regain hope

July 09, 2018

As a chronic pain sufferer, Valerie has tried it all. Hear Valerie's story and how appliedVR made her feel hopeful once again with immersive technology. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=130&v=nLgLHdxSZxY[/embed]