Enter the VR pharmacy, a selection of therapeutic experiences for many patient needs

Labor & Delivery

Our experience designed specifically for labor & delivery provides distraction for coping with pain and narrations to teach coping skills during early and active labor.


Tour the body with young patients to provide a better understanding of what goes on during certain procedures and treatments (ex. blood draws).


Simulate what it is like to go into an MRI machine to reducing the risk of a panic attack and identify the right candidates for sedation during scans.


Our "relax" experiences include calming guided sounds and imagery that are effective for reducing anxiety. They also incorporate mindfulness mediation, breathing exercises, and positive thinking narrations. Ideal use cases include: pre-procedural anxiety, fear of hospitals or medical equipment, panic attacks, muscle tension, and general stress and malaise.


Our "distract" experiences include visual cues that keep patients highly engaged in the virtual world. Ideal use cases include: pain management before during, and after procedures and outbreaks of breakthrough pain.  


Our "escape" experiences allow the patient to visit a new. These experiences are ideal for patients who have been staying in the hospital long-term and need an escape somewhere else. They can also offer a reprieve to feelings of isolation and depression that surface during hospital stays.

chronic pain

Our "chronic pain" experiences teach essential skills for managing pain. Each module covers a different topic such as, breathing techniques, mindfulness, and positive thinking. The experiences also incorporate data from heart rate and breath sensors in order to provide users access to the feelings of their body.

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