The new EaseVR is arriving soon...

EaseVR is a digital health tool that leverages the power of virtual reality to help patients with chronic pain. EaseVR guides patients in learning skills that provide greater control over their pain and reduce the use of opioids. It combines several modalities, including therapeutic virtual reality content, educational modules, game-based training modules, and a community network to provide an integrated approach to pain management.  

Based on the positive results of our initial pilot test, we're building upon our initial 8-day program to make a more comprehensive 30-day program with additional modules and better hardware. 

What's new?

We're updating our platform to the new Oculus Go headset that makes our system easier to use. This all-in-one headset means all you need to do is push a single button to get started.

We're also updating our program to include more chapters and cover new topics such as improving sleep and increasing comfort.  

When is it available?

The new EaseVR is expected to be available in September 2018. Similar to our beta version, we'll conduct a pilot program that allow users to try the program in exchange for their feedback. Those who would like to continue to use the program can sign up for a monthly subscription. More details to come.  

how can i stay updated?

Join our private Facebook community where you'll get to talk to people who have used our initial program and get the latest updates about our product. You can also complete the form to the right to be added to our waitlist. We'll contact you as soon as the new version is available.


If you have questions about this program, contact us at or 844.857.0010. 

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Available JANUARY 2019

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