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Enabling Remote Care for Chronic Pain

As a featured speaker at the MedVR Symposium and Hackathon for VR/AR in Healthcare held online in the summer of 2021, AppliedVR’s president and cofounder Josh Sackman delivered a presentation exploring the virtual reality therapeutics (VRx) pathway. In this video which includes his talk and a Q&A segment, he discusses the importance of clinical trials and FDA authorization for VR products as well as AppliedVR’s transition from a wellness product to a medical device. Topics include policies, plans and procedures involved in conducting a clinical trial as well as partnering with respected healthcare institutions to navigate the code recommendations of medical societies and CMS. Also discussed is the importance of a rigorous evidence-based path to FDA approvals and clearances in the pursuit of innovative VR therapeutics. The host of this event was MedVR, an interdisciplinary team of clinicians, scientists, developers, designers and other experts dedicated to leading the future of augmented and virtual reality in healthcare.

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