The first clinically validated* on-demand, all-in-one Therapeutic VR Platform designed for active military and veterans experiencing stress, pain, and anxiety.

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*The published evidence has not been reviewed by the FDA
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Delivering hope through drug-free care

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Skills-based approach

  • 20+ immersive modules relax, guide,
    and engage
  • Proprietary biofeedback enabled
    breath training
  • Created with pain scientists including:

Beth Darnall, PhD

AVR Chief Science Advisor & World renowned Stanford Pain Psychologist.


  • Optimized for healthcare
  • Turn-key for seamless workflow
  • Dynamic Healthcare platform with:

Compliant content distribution and data collection.


What’s In
The Box

Our Therapeutic VR Platform includes hardware and software optimized for the unique needs of healthcare. All of our products are designed to ensure safety, compliance, and an enhanced user experience that is supported by user testing and clinical research.

  • Ready to use out of the box
  • Gaze-based control ideal for those with limited range of motion
  • Custom Amplifier to help visualize your breath
  • High resolution 4K screen
  • HIPAA-compliant platform
  • Easily wipeable face pad

Hands-free control


Interactive breath training


VR Experiences Created with Medical Experts

All AppliedVR content is developed using an evidence-based approach in partnership with psychologists, patients, doctors, researchers, and designers.

  • 20+ immersive modules relax, guide and engage
  • Designed for general pain and anxiety management
  • Fast, on demand access to content
  • Proprietary content recommendation engine


  • Hands-free, gaze-based control
  • On demand access with content recommendation engine
  • Accessible for those with limited mobility
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Over 20+ Clinically Researched Modules

Hidden Bay Beach Relax
Bavarian Alps Travel
Dream Garden Activate
Playa Cala Pi Relax
Invasion Activate
Whitehaven Beach Travel
Dolphins Healing Relax
Dream Maker Activate
Portugal Travel
Shape Your Path Activate


A Drug-Free Alternative

AppliedVR’s Therapeutic VR Platform provides a drug-free option to promote relaxation and help manage pain, anxiety, and stress.

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Seven Star Service and Support

All orders include virtual and onsite on-boarding support from our customer success team.

VA Miami Uses RiseVR in Their Pain Clinic

“We have used VR in our pain clinic and patients overall have expressed feeling more relaxed and less discomfort during the procedure. In fact, vital signs during the procedures have been incredibly stable, with one patient in particular telling me that it was simply amazing to have used it. For those who have been willing to try it, the response has been overwhelmingly positive.”

  • Dr. Esther Benedetti de Marrero, Chief of Chronic Pain Medicine
  • Bruce Carter Miami VA Healthcare System
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