The first VR platform designed for healthcare

Our virtual reality platform offer patients a highly enjoyable escape from scary and painful experiences in healthcare. 

Learn more about how our platform is transforming the patient experience in hospitals, surgery centers, and exam rooms across the country. 


Many Areas of Impact

Virtual reality platforms specifically designed for a variety of patient needs 


Acute Pain & Anxiety

Suite of experiences designed to manage acute pain and anxiety for procedures and situations in hospitals and clinics.


Labor & Delivery

Suite of experiences designed to help women cope with labor pains and anxiety during pre and active labor.


Chronic Pain

Biodata-driven take home program with daily experiences to help chronic pain sufferers build skills for managing pain.

Clinically validated

Our platform has been tested in published clinical trials to reduce pain and anxiety

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the largest selection of therapeutic vr experiences 

Our selection of VR content includes experiences specifically designed for for acute pain relief, anxiety relief, chronic pain management, radiology, patient education, and labor and delivery. We work with the best content creators in the industry to bring you the highest quality experiences.

"If virtual reality is a therapy, we need a VR pharmacy" - Dr. Brennan Spiegal

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