Our VR platform has demonstrated a 52% reduction in pain and a 31% reduction in anxiety in randomized controlled trials 


in progress

Year Title Key Partners Patient Population Outcome Measures
2018 Feasibility of an Immersive Virtual Reality based
Biofeedback Intervention for Outpatients in Rheumatology:
An Observational Cohort Study
► Attune Health Adult patients with lupus and
rheumatoid arthritis
► Feasibility
► Patient satisfaction
2018 Development and validation of a digital pain-reduction kit
for lower back injuries
► Cedars-Sinai
► Samsung
► Traveller's Insurance
► Bayer Healthcare
Workers compensation
patients with lower back
► Opioid consumption
► Return to work
2017 Randomized Control Trial of VR for pain management ► Cedars Sinai Hospital inpatients with a
variety of medical conditions
► Pain/anxiety
► Opioid consumption
2017 Use of virtual reality immersion to decrease pain and
anxiety associated with pelvic brachytherapy in women
with gynecologic cancers
► UPMC Women experiencing pelvic
brachytherapy procedures
► Pain/anxiety
► Quality of life

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